THE NATIONAL DEBATE’22: Renowned Scholar, Professor Udenta Udenta To Anchor The Panel Session.


Says TND’22 is an irresistible intellectual brand.

As the build up to THE NATIONAL DEBATE’22 draws closer,more eminent Nigerians have intensified interest to play vital role towards the success of the Debate.

Hence, the famous Academic Scholar and author of over 20 Universally Recognized Books Proffesor Udenta Udenta would be the Anchor of the Panel Session.

-The Author of several books which includes;

-Revolutionary Aesthetics and the African Literary Process

-Crisis of Theory in Contemporary Nigerian Literature and the Possibilities of New Materialist Direction

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-Autonomy of Values: Determination, Affirmation, Mediation

-Democratic Transformation and Social Change in Nigeria( a personal journey from intellectual conscience to praxis)

-Art, Ideology and Social Commitment in African Poetry

-Heroism and Critical Consciousness in African Literature

-Art, Society and Identity: Essays on African Literature

-37 Seasons Before the Tornado

-The Wrath of the Gods

-Illumination: Essays on Culture, Culture, Peace and Democracy in Nigeria

Accepted the formal request of MDF and Team to be the Anchor of the Panel Session for THE NATIONAL DEBATE’22 and deploy his wealth of academic knowledge in asking strategic and imperative questions to the Panelists.

Udenta is a Prof of Cultural Studies and Creative Writing,he had his academic sojourns in Bradford University UK, Melbourne University Australia, Institute of Peace and Conflict and Resolution Studies in the United States,Massey University New Zealand, Singapore,Addis Ababa Ethiopia and so on.

He has presented for so many National and Intentional Bodies and Organizations like: DFID,USAID,NDI,IFES,IDASA,UNDP and on,and has presented over 100 Papers at so many National and Intentional Seminars and Conferences.


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