SIT-AT-HOME VIOLATION: An Anglican Priest Shot Dead, Car Burnt


An Anglican Priest Rev Emeka Akajiaku Mmerenu was today short dead and his car burnt by the suspected IPOB/ESN.

Rev Emeka Akajiaku Mmerenu

An eye witness said “UGM/ESN shot and killed an Anglican Priest Rev Emeka Akajiakụ Mmerenu, from Nkwerre, in his parsonage at Orsu Iheteukwa this morning on the unfounded allegation that he brought in soldiers to secure the Church and School under his supervision. Its alleged they burnt his car too.”

“Not only is he from Nkwerre, he was the second runner up to the current Principal when they were looking for the latest principal of SAGS. He hails from Amorji Agbomiri Village in Nkwerre.”



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