ODILI SEIGE: Malami Continues To Deny Knowing The Suspects That Invaded Odili’s Home 


The minister has reiterated once again that he has no hand in the attack at Odili’s Abuja home

He also made further clarifications about a suspect – Lawrence Ajodo, who said he had worked previously with the AGF.

“I have never given him a single case and if I have given him 29 cases, let him show the evidence of the engagement,” Malami said, adding: “I have never seen this man on earth, God Know and I believe there are certain (not only) criminal undertones, perhaps maybe some other undertones, by people who think that by hook or by crook the AG must be a target of aggression one way or the other”.

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According to Malami, the suspect is not under the pay record of the ministry and even if he was, he would not carry out operations that are outside the scope of the ministry.

“Government business is regulated through due processes and procedures. So you cannot be seen to be operating as a department under the office of the Attorney General and then operating outside the scope and regulations of the law.

“So, you can see clearly, the man said he was asked by the Attorney General to carry out that task. Ask him, which of the Attorneys-General and on account of which formal engagement?

“There are 36 Attorneys General across the nation inclusive of the office of the Attorneys General of the Federation. So if he said he has been sent by the Attorney General, the next point is to ask him, who is the Attorney General”.


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