NCC says they can’t transmit results electronically


The Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) says it is impossible for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to transmit results electronically across all polling units.

Ubale Ahmed Maska, NCC Executive Commissioner, Technical Services, said this when he appeared before the House of Representatives on Friday.

He said election results can only be transmitted in areas that have 3G network.

3G is the third generation of wireless mobile telecommunications technology.

Maska and three other officials of the NCC appeared before the House to shed more light on the possibility of electronic transmission of election results by INEC.

They were invited based on the stalemate on Clause 52 of the Electoral Act Amendment Bill.

According to Ubale, half of the polling units have at least a 2G and 3G coverages.

He emphasized that an electronic transmission network must be 3G which may not be available in many polling units across the country.

When asked about the possibility of the network being hacked he said there is no network that is 100% secured.

He cited the example of the recent US election which was said to have been hacked.

Members of the NCC team, however, suggested that the House should invite NIGCOMSAT to shed light on Satellite coverage and whether it will be useful in the electronic transmission of election results.

The Speaker later announced that the House will revert to the Committee of the Whole to continue and take all the Clauses.

“Now that we are better informed, we will go back to the Committee of the whole and take all the Clauses including Section 52,” he said.

However, when the House reverted to the Committee of the Whole, it went into another rowdy session as members disagreed on continuation of Clause 52.

Rep. Boma Goodhead (PDP, Rivers) started shouting after the Deputy Minority Leader, Toby Okechukwu (PDP, Enugu) raised an objection.

He said the role of NCC, another body in a matter constitutionally allocated to INEC was the main bone of contention which has not been resolved.

However, the Deputy Speaker said there was no motion on the matter on Clause 52, hence his decision to consider it carried.

The Committee proceeding was later called to order and considerations continued.

The bill was eventually passed but the PDP caucus staged a walkout. Daily Post


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