Lasting Peace Can Only Come To Enugu APC When We Have Justice, Says Comr AC Ude.


The Chairman of the Mainstream Chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Enugu State, comrade AC Ude has expressed his optimism that the Party would have a diuturnal concord amongst her members Once the New National Executives emerge.

Speaking with newsmen in Enugu on Saturday, Comrade Ude Stated that, their Group stands with the reconciliation reports made by Senator Adamu Abdullahi led National reconciliation committee of the Party which was upturned by some forces inside the Party.

He Stated that, the Party could loose it all in Enugu State to the PDP, if they did not manage the crisis well as the ruling party in Enugu State has been toiling to destabilise them at all cost.

He posited that the issue of where was the authentic venue for APC Enugu State Congress that produced Barr Ugochukwu is still pending in court, but his Group are open to reconciliation once it is within the ambit of the law.

Speaking on the Consequences of a failed reconciliation embedded in Justice and peace, Comrade Ude Stated that, the National Leadership of the Party should be worry about the future of the Party by avoiding any thing that could mal the entire processes after the expiration of the 21 days notice given to INEC on reconciliation and harmonization.

“The National Leadership of the Party should be careful and avoid falling into the trap of the PDP”

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“They should be aware that, harmonization after the expiration of the 21days notice given to INEC would scatter the entire processes”

“They should remember that, when you harmonize without communicating to Inec and the security agencies after the 21days notice provided by the law, it becomes null and void”

He also sees the recognition of the state party Secretariat by Barr Ugochukwu Agballa and his Group instead of Bush Bar or Offices in Nza street all in Independence layout Enugu, as a welcomed development, because, it has revealed that, those supporting the Congresses done at the state party Secretariat, were all calling for Justice and for the right thing to be done.

“It is very good that, Barr Ugochukwu Agballa and his agents have started sending messages and calling for meetings at the Party Secretariat in 126 Park Avenue, GRA Enugu”

“This is a welcomed development as it has shown where the Party office is and also why those fighting for the right thing to be done should be rewarded”

“I believe that they all know the legal implications of recognizing the Party Secretariat at GRA Enugu as the authentic office of the party”

“The court will determine the membership status of Barr Ugochukwu Agballa, decide the genuine venue for the Congress, whether the Party Secretariat or bush bar, the one supervised by Dr Ben Nwoye or that done by His deputy, Gilbert Chukwunta.”

“APC Enugu has a Lot of issues that arised from the conduct of their Congresses last year that requires meticulous management if not, it could affect our candidates dearly during the general election”

“We are not against reconciliation and harmonization but any harmonization that will not get to the data base of INEC and APC at the National level, should be  reexamined as they are null and void”

Comrade Ude also commended the efforts of the commissioner of police Enugu State Chapter, Cp Ndatsu Aliyu Mohammed in providing maximum security for all the factions in the State.

He asserted that CP Ndatsu in his infinite wisdom, when the matter was brought to him said “It is not his right to reconcile the Party but that, he would Provide security to all the factions and make sure that Enugu remains peaceful ”

” He has been doing this to the fullest and we are glad”

He However commended the efforts of Dr Ben Nwoye in maintaining peace and ensuring that, APC Enugu State is not led into crisis that would consume for chances during the 2023 general election in the state and country at large as well as making sure that the Party, paid a resounding condolences to one of our deceased members, Hon Kevin Ezeagu by participating actively during his funeral and declaring a 4 days mourning for him in accordance with the traditions of Igbo land.


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