Hope Uzodinma Threatens To Reveal The Sponsors Of ‘Imo Killings’


The Imo State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodimma, has said he will reveal the sponsors of killings in the state in two weeks.

Speaking with journalists in Lagos, Uzodimma insisted that he had identified the politicians behind insecurity in the state, and investigations by security agencies were ongoing

He said, “Politicians against the ruling All Progressives Congress are behind the killings and maiming in the state and I vow to name them. However, I had a meeting with security agencies who pleaded that naming the sponsors when the investigation is still going on could jeopardise the efforts.

“The last time I contacted them a few days ago, they requested two more weeks. I do hope that in two weeks, the report would be ready and then it would be made public to Nigerians.”

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The governor also spoke on the quest for the presidency by the South-East, noting that Igbo presidency in 2023 would address the injustice and the cries of marginalisation in the region.

“Every political party is after candidates’ capacity to win elections. In the South-East, we are ready to produce the President of Nigeria. There is a national sympathy for the South-East to produce the President. What will make it work is for the two leading political parties to produce candidates from the South-East geopolitical zone.

“Let the Peoples Democratic Party produce a South-Easterner as their presidential candidate. Let the APC also produce a South-Easterner as their presidential candidate. With this, we would have centralised this power-sharing in a manner that it has become all-inclusive and justice and equity would have been seen to be done,” he added.



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