Group Urges Party Faithfuls Not To Allow People With Questionable Characters To Hold APC Positions In Enugu 


Ahead of the forth coming National Convention of the All Progressives Congress APC series of issues have been raised again about some of the candidates eyeing for the National Office position that Would be zoned to Enugu State.

These issues bothered so much on the personality of some of these individuals as regards the principle of zero acceptance to people with questionable character which the Party has been known with, since inception especially, under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Arising from a NEC held on Sunday in Umuahia, the Foremost South East Political Group, South East Political Watchdog stated that the National Offices of the Party zoned to the zone should not be occupied by people with questionable characters and tainted Political image who caused Party members misfortune after the 2015 election.

They stated that some of the Party leaders, who out of their selfish interests caused the Party members to miss the golden opportunity of producing ministers and board members of juicy agencies after the 2015 elections have started showing up again with series of tricks all geared towards personal interests, which could pave a way for the emergence of non core Party members as state, zonal and National Officers in the Party ;especially in Enugu State.

In a statement made by the Group’s National Publicity Secretary, Dr Jude Eze and sent to newsmen, he stated that, people like Barr Okey Ezea, Hon Eugene Odo and Emma Enukwu should not be allowed to hold any National Position in the Party owing to their dubious respectability attitude to the truth.

According to him,” APC in South East especially Enugu State should be careful with the likes of Barr Okey Ezea, Chief Emma Enukwu, and Hon Eugene Odo.

“Barr Okey Ezea and Emma Enukwu caused the problem that has been bedeviling APC Enugu State owing to series of publications made in various media stations far back as at May 2, 2015 where he alleged that Hon Emma Enukwu slapped him during the South East APC stakeholders meeting over his statement that the ministerial position meant for the Enugu State should goto Enugu North Senatorial Zone, instead of Enugu West, which he said, have been occupying the position since the return of our democracy in 1999”

“We are still very much aware that, the issue of Hon Emma Enukwu slapping Okey Ezea, the latter’s framing of the story, which caused series of petitions, blackmails and so on, cost the foundation members of Party the opportunity of producing the minister;which has ben haunting us hitherto”

“It is very worrisome that the same Group of people have started another sinister movement against the Party by trying to thwart the zoning arrangements already made by the state caretaker committee Executives all because, they want to occupy National Positions of the Party ”

“APC members in Enugu State must resist them because, they have incurable disdain for the truth. They are grossly greedy and such, could also cost the members of the Party an opportunity of producing the State chairman as well as the National Officers ”

The Group also stated that Hon Eugene Odoh having the record of the being an impeached in Enugu State, also lacks the moral propensity and capacity to hold any Party position in the State.

“We are very much aware that Hon Eugene Odo was disgraced as a speaker of the state House of Assembly”

“His ordeal was precipitated on his preference of personal interest to override that of the publics own.

” He wanted to be Governor by all means, held series of meetings and ignored most of the atrocities committed by the then Governor Sullivan Chime Led Administration”

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“Even when it was clear that the then Governor was incapacitated and needed to impeached for being absent more than the days as required by the constitution, he still ignored the calls, all because, the wanted to be the Governor and has an obligation of proving his loyalty to the Governor ”

” We have not forgotten also that when his wishes were not granted, he started fighting the Governor which prompted his impeachment as his colleagues collected a mere ₦500,000 to execute it”

“His mission in APC is straight, to destroy the Party for his selfish interest: all because, he wants to be at the helm of affairs”

“His attitude if not curtailed on time, could cost the Party members the opportunity of producing their own State chairman, executives, Zonal Officers and also National Officers”

The South East Political Watchdog however warned Party members to stop these individuals before hand to curb the negative history, repeating itself again on them.

“As a Political Rights Group, we are for seeing a situation whereby a Known PDP stalwart will become the state Party chairman of APC in Enugu State ;if the selfish activities and scheming of Chief Emma Enukwu, Barr Okey Ezea and Hon Eugene Odo are not stopped. Members of the Party in Enugu State should rise up and produce their own leaders before the interest of 3 greedy men bring another misfortune to them. “


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