APC Sets For Doom In Enugu State 


Baring the last minute change of mind by the National leadership of the Ruling All Progressives Congress APC, the Enugu State chapter of the Party, could wallop into more crisis.

Recall that the Leadership crisis bedeviling the Enugu State chapter of the Party, looked to have settled during the early days of the January, when the National reconciliation Committee led by Senator Adamu Abdullahi called all the Leaders of both camps to a roundtable and instructed them on the way forward.

The reconciliation process started very well because both the mainstream chapter led by Comrade Ac ude and others wanted peace at all cost; only for a stall to manifest, whose cause is Yet unknown hitherto, only for the Party to announce that, she has received reports of the National reconciliation Committee .

Recall also that, Some members of the Party had also gone to the court of law to get Justice should the National leadership of the Party fail to resolve the issue and bring justice to the Party.

The contentions are as follows, that, Comrade Ac ude be recognise as the state Chairman of the Party, that there were no democratic election that produced Ugochukwu Agballa, that Barr Ugochukwu Agballa was not a member of the Party as at when the Congresses started.

Reacting to the announcement made by the National leadership of the Party on the reception of the Reports by the National reconciliation Committee, the State Chairman-Elect of the Mainstream chapter of the Party Party in Enugu state, Comrade Ac ude stated that, there is no cause for alarm.

Comrade Ac who was a foundation member of the Party, the pioneer Organizing Secretary, a youth Mobilisation Leader for President Muhammadu Buhari’s reelection, the double state Chairman of the contact and Mobilisation, who registered the first and 2nd registration of the Party that maximised her membership upto over one hundred and eight thousand, stated that, The Party cannot swear in any other chairman in the Party.

He posited that, Enugu’s case is different and can affect the fortunes of the Party in the General election if not well harnessed.

According to him ” The collection of the reports from the National reconciliation Committee by the National leadership of the Party, when Enugu state is Yet to conclude her own, is a sign that, Enugu’s own case is herculean”

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“The Party cannot swear in Barr Ugochukwu Agballa because, series of court cases are around his neck except They want the Party to disintegrate in the state”

“We have seen scenarios where People would be sworn in and still loose their case in the court of law because, their swearing in was faulty”

“What we want is a United and peaceful APC in Enugu State that can win elections and non Party member that still collects contract from the PDP, cannot do it”

Comrade Ude called on the Party members not to be deterred should the National leadership choose to go the wrong way by swearing in Barr Ugochukwu Agballa as the state Chairman as the court, will grant Them justice.

“I urge all the members of the Party, to be steadfast in their grassroots Mobilisation and on going reconciliation that has been very smooth”

“There is no way the National leadership would swear in Barr Ugochukwu Agballa because They know the legal implications”

“should in case it happens, the last Hope of a common man being the court of law, will address it”

However, Series of calls made to Barr Ugochukwu Agballa to get his input as at the time of Filling of this report, were all abortive.


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