APC CONGRESS: Group Frowns At Buhari’s Minister Onyeama For Failing To Take Charge Of The Party As The Leader.


With less than 3 days to the October 16 State Congresses of the All Progressives Congress APC across the country, the crisis hampering the growth of the Party in Enugu State appears to be getting worse day by day.

This is because, most of the Party faithfuls have been absolutely sidelined while others are kept in the dark, with almost zero information on the happenings in the Party.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Barr Geoffrey Onyeama has been blamed for relegating his position as the leader of the Party in Enugu State, thereby, empowering the vindictive Senator Ken Nnamani to assume his responsibilities; and using it to give the Party a negative image and Publicity in the State.

The lackadaisical attitude of the foreign Affairs Minister has prompted vituperations from Party faithfuls who so much believe in him but have been left to wonder in the wilderness of no where by the former Senate President, Senator Ken Nnamani.

The Leadership of the Concerned APC Youths, Enugu State chapter has come out open to cast aspersions and censures on the foreign affairs Minister over what they call” consequential and notable delinquency” on his duty as the leader of the Party in Enugu State.

In a statement made by the Group’s National Secretary, Comrade Peter Ozioko and sent to newsmen in Enugu on Wednesday, The Group stated that the Minister’s in oppressive, passive and sedentary attitude towards the Party in the State as the overall leader, is what has been causing series of needless impasse, imbroglio and confrontations within the Party.

“The Minister of foreign Affairs is behaving like a Power missed road leader and has refused to amend his mistakes”

“This is someone who is entirely pococurante with activities in Enugu APC with numerous tantrums sent to him as the spark plug of crisis in APC Enugu State”

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“He allowed the ever vicious, narrow minded and parsimonious Senator Ken Nnamani to Capitalise on his lacklustre nature to bring mayhem for the Party”

“Because Geoffrey onyeama is unconcerned about what is happening in Enugu APC, Senator Ken Nnamani took advantage of that and made sure that the Party becomes an instrument of disparagement in the state that people Would say” Does APC exist in Enugu State ”

” We are deeply sullen that as his supporters, we have been made prepatent and marooned in the scheme of things in the Party ”

” It is very unfair that despite all our calls for justice, our leader has kept mute even when it is clear that Senator Ken Nnamani has strategically, confined him.

“He should be aware that he Would be left to rue his mistakes for abandoning his duty into the hands to Senator Ken Nnamani ; if it is not corrected now”

The Group also expressed their stupefaction over the sudden appearance of Enugu’s former Governor, Barr Sullivan Chime, who they described as a purveyor and embodiment of bad political records, to take over the Party’s structure in Udi with zero show of attention from the Minister as the height of his slackness and dereliction.

“For allowing an embodiment of bad political records like Barr Sullivan Chime, to take over the Party structure in Udi local Government where he has no single political influence is the climax of Barr Geoffrey onyeama’s idiocy as a leader”

“He has shown incompetence to lead thus, leaving the Party ruin. This have made him a leadership taboo to the Party and entire nation”


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